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What Others Are Saying About Us


Job Quest is the honoured recipient of the Ontario Rehabilitation, Work & Community (ORWC) Innovation Award 2007.

The criteria for the ORWC Innovation Award are applied to five key elements: program, operations, funding, evaluation and innovation.

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“I think Job Quest is one of the best places to go for help. In my experience, at other places, I was always treated as a number. At Job Quest, I get welcomed by a friendly face who knows my name. They listen to what I have to say and that’s something I’ve never really had before. They found out what I wanted to do and did whatever they could to help me achieve it.

Right now I have a volunteer job that will one day soon turn into a full-time job that I love and what amazes me most is that they’re [Job Quest staff] still there for me when I need them even after I get a full-time job. I don’t know any other place out there that would do that. So in the end, if anyone asked me where to find a great job, I would have to say it all starts with Job Quest.”

Job Quest Client

“The staff here [at Job Quest] are excellent. They work with you one on one. They’re there for you…to give you the support you need to get you off social assistance and get the job you want.

If you need a job, come in and they will help you on your way. It’s made me feel more confident in myself and now I want to become a police officer even more.”

Job Quest Client
(Currently employed with a security company)

“The success stories of several clients that I have heard personally are a real testament to the success of Job Quest and their staff. Social services staff as well have seen the results of these successes…our continuing relationship with Job Quest gives staff the knowledge that our clients can now access the services they require.

…the feedback and outcomes from the initial group of participants was extremely positive, with clients who had been out of the workforce force for many years being successful in securing employment.

Social Services is committed to continuing our partnership with Job Quest and recognizes their dedication and commitment to serving our mutual clients and the community.”

Rod Sutherland
Manager of Social Services
City of Kawartha Lakes

“We applaud the good work that Job Quest has been doing in supporting people who would like to work but face many barriers to that end.

As an organization that provides shelter and supports to those living in poverty and/or are homeless, A Place Called Home has clearly seen the need for the supports that Job Quest offers and we were excited and impressed when first learning of their multi-faceted services. A significant percentage of our clientele (and other community people) can, will and do benefit greatly when attached to the Job Quest programs and working with their dedicated team of professional staff members.

At the present time, A Place Called Home is fortunate enough to have a Job Quest client working at our facility three mornings a week in a non-paid work placement. This person is able, through this placement, to demonstrate his skills, his ability to follow direction and also his strong work ethic. This experience and subsequent reference that we will be able to provide will be invaluable as he seeks future paid employment.”

Lorrie Polito
A Place Called Home

“Since inception, the Job Quest staff have shown themselves to be hardworking, innovative, community minded and strong supporters of people with disabilities.

…An interesting cross section of employment has been found based on individual interests, availability and suitability. Employment has been found in customer service locations like Zellers, Canadian Tire, Staples and local nurseries. Additional employment has been found in food service positions at restaurants and hotels. Specialized employment has been obtained with a sign maker, in a woodworking shop and in graphic design. The [Job Quest] motto really is about ‘helping to remove barriers to employment.’

I consider the work Job Quest has done and continues to do in the City of Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton to be ground breaking and inspiring to many in these communities.”

Sandra Ross
Ministry of Community & Social Services
Ontario Disability Supports Program
Employment Supports

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Advisory Committee
An Advisory Committee or Council is a group of people who work together to make sure that a program (like Job Quest) is running well and is doing the job that it has set out to do. An Advisory Committee or Council is usually made up of a group of people who represent people, organizations and businesses affected by, or involved, with the program. For example, a number of our partners [link to Our Partners section above] are represented on our Advisory Committee.
Clients of Job Quest are people who we help to prepare for and find work.