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What We Do

Photo of woman at computerWe created Job Quest in April 2004 as a pilot project. Our goal was to help people with employment barriers to find work.

An employment barrier is defined as an impairment that interferes with the ability to find and keep a job.

We know that the key to success is meeting the needs of both employer and the person who wants to work. In addition to supporting people who are looking for work, we help employers to create job opportunities in which our clients can truly succeed.

In our first year, we helped 90% of the people we supported to find work. Our success - along with positive responses from our clientele and community partners - resulted in our developing a business plan to further expand Job Quest’s services.

Job Quest now operates as a business division of Community Living Kawartha Lakes and serves approximately 100 new people each year. In the past year, we helped 130 people to find or keep a job.

Community employers - those both familiar with and new to Job Quest - have realized the value-added benefit of employees coming from Job Quest and have begun contacting us directly to when they are looking for workers.



Disability or other impairment
We can help people with:
Physical disability (of the body)
Cognitive disability (of thinking)
Learning disability (trouble learning)
Developmental disability (of the intellect)
Psychiatric disability (of the brain)
Attention Deficit Disorders (trouble focusing on one task)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (trouble focusing on one task and trouble staying calm)
Anxiety disorders (trouble with strong, stressful and worrisome feelings)
Pilot project
Often before starting a new program or service, an organization will run a pilot project. A pilot project is like a test project to see whether the new program is needed and will be worthwhile and affordable. Job Quest was originally a pilot project of Community Living Kawartha Lakes.