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Copyright Statement

Intellectual property laws protect this website. This work is the copyright of Job Quest, all rights reserved. Learn more about Canadian intellectual property and copyright laws.

You may download (save on your computer), display (look at on your computer) or print (print from your computer) materials from this website in single form only without changing any of the content on the pages that you print.

When using information from this website you must leave in tact the copyright notice (i.e., © Job Quest, all rights reserved, 2008) that shows on the bottom of the page.

Information on the website is meant only for your personal use. You cannot sell the information or in any way make money from using it.

In all other instances other than those described above, you must direct requests and inquiries concerning use of material from this website to:

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205 McLaughlin Road
Lindsay, Ontario, CANADA
K9V 0K7
Phone: (705) 878-JOBS (5627)
Fax: (705) 878-5819



If something is the copyright of Job Quest that means that it legally belongs to Job Quest and cannot be used by someone else without permission from Job Quest.
Intellectual property laws
Intellectual property laws are federal (enacted by the Canadian government) and cover how information or other items (artwork, photos, etc.) created by an organization (like Job Quest) or person are protected from the use of others. Intellectual property laws are in place to ensure that other people or organizations do not steal or make money from information or other items that does not belong to them.