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The Benefits of Hiring Through Job Quest

Making your business work better
Hiring through Job Quest adds value to your organization. Through a partnership with Job Quest, you have access to:

  • Job trials – so that you can see whether the person is suitable for the job before you hire.
  • Immediately available support from Job Quest staff members.
  • Improved public relations as an equal opportunity employer and a recognized partner of Job Quest and our affiliates.
  • Meeting the requirements of employment equity legislation through the hiring of a person with an employment barrier.
  • A broadened labour pool, including full-time, part-time, casual and seasonal labour.

Ensuring success on the job

  • Ongoing, Proactive Supports - Job Quest provides supports to our clients before, during and after a job placement. We take a proactive approach to ensuring the success and satisfaction of both the employer and our client by providing ongoing monitoring and support.
  • Motivated to Work - Job Quest ensures success by supporting people who are ready and willing to work. We pre-screen our clients to determine their suitability to the job and the working environment.
  • Matching Employers & Employees - Job Quest focuses on linking competencies to job demands. We identify opportunities and build creative solutions for our clients and employers.
  • Introduction to the Workplace - Job Quest will assist with introduction and integration of your new employee to the workplace and his or her new co-workers.
  • On-the-Job Training - Job Quest provides on-the-job training to ensure that all of your standards of performance and quality are met. By doing so we ensure that the employee fully understands work duties and responsibilities. Because we provide this service, we can help employers to save on start-up costs.
  • Specialized Services - Job Quest can assist you to overcome workplace challenges through the development of specialized work programs. These specialized programs include the provision of tools and supports for improving overall performance in your workplace.
  • Wage Subsidies - Job Quest can to access wage subsidies to help offset the costs of training and lower initial productivity while our client learns his or her new job.
  • Job Coaching - Job Quest can provide one-on-one a job coach to ensure that employee successfully adapts to the workplace.
  • Job Maintenance - Job Quest provides follow-up support to clients and their employers for up to three years. The goal of providing this job maintenance support is to ensure the employee has long-term success at work.

For more information about what we offer to employers, click here.