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Preparing For Work

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Planning for work – The first thing that we’ll do together is prepare an employment plan. An employment plan is just that – a plan that outlines the job that you would like to have and the steps that you must take to find and keep that job.

Your employment plan is as unique as you are and is based on your skills, abilities and goals. We will use your employment plan to guide us through all of the work that we do together.

Accessing the services that you need – Once we have put together your employment plan, we can decide together the services that you need to make it through each step of the plan.

Community services
We may arrange services for you through other organizations in the community, depending on what you need.

We understand that if one has troubles at home, it is very hard to succeed at work. Some of our clients have had serious problems finding housing, paying their bills, taking care of their families or finding proper medical care, for example. Others have difficulty working under pressure or relating to the people around them. The services that we arrange for you will help you to tackle issues such as these so that you won’t be distracted at work.

Costs of getting ready for work
Job Quest can also assist you with the costs of getting prepared and going to work. For example, we can help you to pay for books and supplies, tutoring, special clothing, transportation, child care and interpreter services.

Job Quest can provide information about the special skills training, licenses or certificates that you may require to reach your employment goals. As well, we can assist you to access money to go to school.

Specialized training and devices
Job Quests provides specialized training services including Smart Serve, Fall-Arrest and Cash Register Training.

We can teach you about special devices and machinery that are available to people with disabilities - including computers, reading aids and devices to help you move around the workplace.

In some cases, Job Quest may also be able to assist you with the costs related to these specialized courses and devices.

Photo of man in a truckLearning what you need to know – An important part of preparing for work is to develop or improve your skills. Job Quest offers training services so that you are prepared for the work world and for the job of your choice.

To help you to be sure about your job choice, Job Quest can arrange on-the-job training for you. Also known as “job trials”, on-the-job training gives you the opportunity to gain real, hands-on experience in the work place before committing to a job or career choice.

Job trials are short-term and unpaid, but the knowledge that you can gain from these experiences is priceless.

Job Quest can also help you to find summer or part-time work while you are continuing high school or post-secondary education.

Once you are prepared for work, we can help you to find a job.



Disability or other impairment
We can help people with:
Physical disability (of the body)
Cognitive disability (of thinking)
Learning disability (trouble learning)
Developmental disability (of the intellect)
Psychiatric disability (of the brain)
Attention Deficit Disorders (trouble focusing on one task)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (trouble focusing on one task and trouble staying calm)
Anxiety disorders (trouble with strong, stressful and worrisome feelings)
Employment program
An employment program provides services to help people looking for work to get ready for and find a job.
Specialized Supports and Services
An employment program provides specialized supports and services when it helps a specific group of people. In this case, the specific group of people helped by Job Quest are those who have disabilities or other impairments that can make it difficult to find or keep a job.