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Success Stories

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Client:  James B.
Employer: Bentley’s Leather
Position: Store Manager

James was encouraged by a Community Supports Program to obtain Employment Supports thru the Job Quest Program.  
James suffers from ADHD (attention deficient hyper disorder) having this may cause attention to detail to be limited; depression as well as low self-esteem.  James other barrier is Bi-polar disorder which can cause your emotions to go up and down and result in poor job performance.  Having these two barriers has made it difficult for James but he has been able to over come those barriers with the support of Job Quest and others.
It was first thought that because of James’s diagnosis that he should apply for ODSP Income Supports and then look into employment options with the help of Job Quest.  
However after further discussions with James he was very determined to first find employment so that he could support his 2 young sons who had recently started living with him.
James and his Employment Counsellor, Gloria Clark started investigating what employment skills James had and what opportunities were available in Lindsay. James had an extensive background in sales and expressed the desire to pursue it.
After a few meetings with Gloria he was informed that Bentley’s was hiring, James and his worker both felt that he was prepared enough to start actively job searching as he had been equipped with all the necessary tools and techniques that would help him market himself. James felt a bit at ease with approaching the Store Manager at Bentley’s as he was familiar with the manager. Right away James prepared himself for this first initial meeting and with his resume in hand off he went…
This may sound like a fairly easy thing to due but not for James.  In James case he experienced a high level of stress and anxiety as he initially felt it would be difficult to be accepted with his barriers.  He had the constant thought that he needed to prove himself to the other staff as well as his manager that he could perform the duties and be a great sales person despite this barrier. 
The next day James returned to Job Quest with the great news that he was successful in obtaining a graduated part time position at Bentley’s. During his first few weeks at his new job his hard work and determination paid off as the store and district manager had noticed his strong sales techniques and his dedication to the job.  Job Quest was always there to provide James with the supports and commitment that required but in the end it was James that proved to the world that he could do it, even months after his promotion he’s still working hard and providing for his family as the Store Manager of the Bentley’s  in Lindsay.
Job Quest is happy to have been able to provide Job Coaching, Employment Support, Resume assistance, employer negotiation and continued supports to James to ensure that he has continued success.
Since James has become the Manger he has been able to provide another Job Quest Client with the opportunity to prove his skills and abilities and is also now part of the Bentley’s Team.

We are all proud of your accomplishments James, keep in touch!!!!

Client Success Story

A pleasant young woman came to Job Quest seeking part time employment in the winter of 2008. She was a single mom who had not been employed in 5 years. Dealing with a mental illness felt like a huge barrier for this client in regards to job searching, although she exhibited no signs of her illness for many years. She had been incarcerated for a short time during one of her episodes after being charged with a criminal offence many years ago and the embarrassment of the charge weighed heavily on her. Her greatest fear in seeking employment was that the employer would find out her past. Filling out employment applications and talking to employers was a difficult task in which she felt employers would find out the truth about her dark secret.

This client’s past work history speaks for itself. She had long term employment for many years and had great references from her past employers. She had many valuable transferable skills that Job Quest was ready to promote on her behalf. Getting past her own shame stemming from her mental illness was her only barrier.
After completing her resume and a few Life Skill sessions she was work ready.
Job Quest assisted by driving the client job developing. She was shown effective ways of introducing herself to the employer when submitting her resume. She quickly became her own self advocate simply by being given the tools. In addition, Job Quest met with potential employers advocating for this client.
In a very short time she secured an interview and was provided with interview preparation which included a mock interview. After her interview together we wrote a Thank You not for the interviewer and hand delivered it. She was successful in getting the job and was required to start immediately. Job Quest requested ESUB on her behalf for required clothing and shoes for her new position in a restaurant as well as assisted her in shopping for her new clothing.
The client commented on her experience with Job Quest that " Job Quest has a relaxing atmosphere and the counsellors are very knowledgeable and helpful in every aspect from start to finish" . I will definitely be a repeat participant if necessary. I would also promote Job Quest to other people" .

She continues to enjoy her job and said that " working has given me a social connection again as well as being a productive member of the community" .  This is apparent when you meet her. She exudes self confidence and pride and looks forward to going to work each day.

Success Story

When John Doe first approached Job Quest, he was in his final year of high school and was approaching graduation.  He now admits that he wasn’t sure what to expect and was fairly hesitant.  But all that would change very quickly. 
John Doe had always enjoyed working with his hands, and really wanted a career that would allow him to use his muscles as well as his mind.   However, he had struggled academically due to ADD and had essentially given up hope of ever going to college.
John Doe met with his Employment Counsellor who helped him create a plan of action for his Career Goals.  Armed with a new resume and some advice on how to job search, John quickly found a job with a local Tree Service company.  For the first time in his life, he had a job which fit his skills, and he flourished immediately.  Job Quest was also able to provide him with the necessary safety gear, and kept in touch to make sure things were going well.

 In the off-season, John took a chain-saw course, and started to look into some post-secondary education.  With the help of his employment counsellor and through parental support, John has been accepted into the Arboriculture program at Sir Sandford Fleming College, with a grant through the Opportunities Fund.  Looking back over 12 short months, John can hardly believe the steps he has taken.  His Employment Counsellor, Andrew, says " John had that spark and enthusiasm from the first time I met with him.  He’s not had the easiest road to where he is now, but thanks to his hard work and determination he is rising up to meet his potential.  I couldn’t be more proud of him!"



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Physical disability (of the body)
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Psychiatric disability (of the brain)
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An employment program provides specialized supports and services when it helps a specific group of people. In this case, the specific group of people helped by Job Quest are those who have disabilities or other impairments that can make it difficult to find or keep a job.